How To Mount Custom ISO

How To Mount Custom ISO

One of the advantages of a HostDoc KVM is the ability to install from a custom ISO without having to contact support.

You can use any ISO as long as you have a URL to the ISO file.

Getting started

The first thing we need to do is log into your HostDoc account, go to the Services tab and then click on the service you’d like to install the ISO on.


In the screenshot above, you will see your control panel options.  We need to select “VPS Configuration


Click on the + to Add ISO


Put the URL for your ISO in the URL field, and it will automatically name it in the field below it.  You can change this if you must, but there’s no need to.  Just click the Add ISO button.


Once the ISO has been added, you will see the details in the next screen (as seen in the screenshot above)

When done, click the Back button.

We need to select the “VPS Configuration” icon again.


This time, select the ISO from the drop down box, in this case it’s mini.iso

We now need to change the boot order to “1) CD Drive 2) Hard Disk

Once you’ve done that, scroll down and click the “Submit” button.

Finally, we must shut down the VPS and then start it again.  This is the same as shutting down a computer to change the BIOS boot order, a reboot won’t be enough most of the time. 

Once the VPS has shut down, we must start it.

The system will now boot from the ISO.  When finished installing from the ISO, remember to change the boot order back to Hard Disk first, shut down, and start again.